Monday, May 20, 2024

AR-01 In The Blogs: Why Are Arkansas Unions Supporting A Candidate Who Won’t Support Them?

I was about to do a post on why the AFL-CIO would endorse Chad Causey when I saw that ARDem at Blue Arkansas Blog had already asked the exact same question.

On his facebook page, Chad Causey is touting the endorsement of the Arkansas Education Association.  This makes the second major Arkansas union, after the AFL-CIO, that has decided to ignore Chad Causey’s opposition to both health care reform and the Employee Free Choice Act and endorse him anyway.  And this with a Democrat in the field, David Cook, who supports both positions.

ARDem said that he was going to contact both unions and try to figure out where the Causey support stems from.  Hopefully, he gets a response, because this really is puzzling the more you think about it.

Also, ARDem is trying to get to Las Vegas to represent Arkansas progressives at Democracy For America.  Please take the time to check this link and help him out if you can.

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