Tuesday, May 28, 2024

AR-01: “Safe Crawford;” “Leans Wooldridge,” But Don’t Count Out Cook

Arkansas Election Line has a look at the first congressional district.  Unsurprisingly, Rick Crawford seems to have the GOP nomination in the bag.  Princella Smith was simply too late to the game and hasn’t compiled the kind of resources, Newt Gingrich endorsement notwithstanding, to challenge Crawford.

On the blue side of the street, the race has gone from toss-up to “leans Wooldridge” according to Roby Brock.  Brock notes, however, that

David Cook’s candidacy could also be a factor in the race. He’s likable and good on the stump and he’s unabashedly Democratic in his positions. His life story is compelling, too, and he has registered slightly above [Chad] Causey and [Steve] Bryles in earlier polls.

Given what we know about Wooldridge, I would think that Cook has a good shot at winning a run-off based on a combination of pro-Cook support and the anti-Wooldridge voters.

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