Tuesday, May 21, 2024

AR-Sen [Follow-Up]: Lincoln To Keep Goldman Donations

Remember the halcyon days of yesterweek when Blanche Lincoln gave a straightforward “no” when asked if she would return the Goldman Sachs’ campaign contributions?  Remember how I wrote:

[B]y playing the “they had paid off TARP” card as an excuse for accepting money that she clearly said she wouldn’t accept, Lincoln is, in effect, saying “hey, homeowners who were defrauded by this company who contributed to me, thanks for falling victim to this giant bank so that I could find a little loophole in my ’strong’ stance against fundraising from such companies.”  […]

So, again I ask, if the money is a pittance and its return would have no effect on your ability to run your campaign, and if there’s even a chance that your creative loophole for justifying the money’s acceptance was created at the expense of American homeowners, why in the world wouldn’t you just return the money and end all of this?

Well, now it appears that Lincoln will give those Goldman Sachs donations to charity.  She is going to cut a check for $7,500 — the total amount received from Goldman during this election cycle — to the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance.

That’s a really smart move.  Had it been done last week instead of being recalcitrant in the face of such an obvious answer, I mean.

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