Tuesday, May 21, 2024

AR-02:To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

Query: If Patrick Kennedy is supposed to be the technology-embracing, modern candidate who mixes old school and new school campaigning, why didn’t someone from his staff live-Tweet the debate?  I mean, John Adams (see here), Robbie Wills (see here), and David Boling (to a lesser extent, see here) all had someone updating their Twitter accounts with quotes/impressions from the debate.

¿Dónde estaba Patrick?

Ohh…that’s right.  He thinks that having someone else man one’s Twitter account isn’t keeping it real.  Right.  I’ve said it before (in that last link, actually), and I’ll say it again:

Somewhat ironically, given Kennedy’s status as the most visible early adopter in the race, to the extent that the other candidates delegate maintaining their social media presence to a staffer, they “get it” better than Kennedy does at the moment.  All of them appear somewhat clueless when it comes to creating a coherent strategy across social media platforms, but at least those candidates who have delegated the mundane-but-important task of updating Facebook or Tweeting multiple times per day about a candidate’s positions or upcoming appearances have recognized that their time is better spent elsewhere.

For someone who brags (on Twitter no less!) about “outthink[ing]” his opponents to make up for his lack of campaign funds, Kennedy and his team sure didn’t demonstrate any of that alleged brilliance in their social media strategy last night.

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