AR-02: Debate Wrap-Up


    Suzi Parker of Talk Business opened her article on the debate with a simple observation:

    It was the night to confront Speaker of the House Robbie Wills.

    Notable comments from Parker:

    Wills held his own, stating firmly his record as a legislator.

    Wills said he that he supports U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ desire for a one-year study [regarding “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”]. “I fully expect that it will be overturned,” he said.

    Adams, Elliott and Boling said the policy should be repealed.

    All five candidates said they believed global warming is man-made. They differed on cap and trade. “The cap and trade bill is dead,” Wills said. “It’s not coming back.”

    Elliott said that the environment is not a “zero sum game” and that a middle ground was needed. Boling said that his past work in the Department of Justice proved to him that OPEC was a “price fixing cartel that gouges and rips off consumers.” He called for a reduction on foreign oil through comprehensive energy reform.

    Jason Tolbert o’ the Tolbert Report offered a clear-cut result:

    @Joyce4Congress is unashamedly to the left and therefore states her positions with authority – hence she wins tonight #AR2Debate

    Other thoughts from Tolbert:

    @votejohnadams is well but came across “brainy” @robbiewills waffled on almost every answer and probably lost votes

    Initial thoughts @Joyce4Congress had the strongest performance – @arkansaskennedy was a mavrick [sic]- @boling4congress did fair but was awkward

    @votejohnadams says he has never heard anyone say they wish Congress worked more like the Arkansas legislature – great @robbiewills shot [Author’s note: This is hilarious.]

    @robbiewills says he supports studying repeal of “don’t ask – don’t tell” – @Joyce4Congress says why study when it is clearly needed

    Finally, John Adams has uploaded pictures and a YouTube video of his closing statement.  Maybe someone should do an article on HIS use of social media.