Sunday, May 26, 2024

AR-Sen: Why, Senator Lincoln, I Do Believe That Ad Is From An “Outside Group”

In “it isn’t technically ironic, but it’s close enough that most people would call it ‘irony'” news, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is now running ads in support of Blanche Lincoln.

“In Arkansas, we depend on our small businesses, and, for years, small businesses have counted on Senator Blanche Lincoln.” Color me confused, but hasn’t Lincoln generally bristled at any assertion that she is too worried about business interests and not worried enough about Arkansans? Hasn’t she blasted Bill Halter for ads run by outside groups (ads that Halter’s campaign had no hand in, by the way)? Hmm.

The Chamber also awarded Lincoln, along with 229 other lawmakers (a group almost entirely composed of Blue Dogs and Republicans), their annual “Spirit of Enterprise” award. From the link:

The Chamber’s designated “key votes” are recorded floor votes on issues established as priorities by the Chamber, on which the Chamber informs Congress of its position on prior to the vote. Senators and House members who support the Chamber’s position on at least 70% of these key votes receive the “Spirit of Enterprise” award. (emphasis added)

C’mon, Senator, tell us again how “[t]here is [sic] a tremendous number of outside groups that are coming in and spending large numbers of money in Arkansas, both in the fall [and] now in the primary, running negative ads against [you].” That one is almost as good as your “outsourcing jobs” claim against Bill Halter that conveniently ignores your votes on NAFTA/CAFTA.

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