Sunday, May 26, 2024

AR-02: [Follow-up] Let He Who Is Without Clerical Oversight Cast The First Stone

In response to David Boling’s statement regarding alleged FEC reporting violations by the Robbie Wills campaign, Wills’ campaign manager, Kyle Gott, issued a reply:

Only three months removed from Washington, D.C., David Boling wants to attack a clerical oversight instead of talking about the 100,000 Arkansans looking for work.  David Boling’s recent attack focuses on an amount totaling less than 1 percent of funds raised last quarter. The expenses are related to a fee automatically charged to online donations. There is no debt to the campaign on a credit card.  A payment was made to a personal card for a reimbursement.  An amendment is already in the works to reflect the expenses.

Campaigns sometimes make honest mistakes. Mr. Boling’s campaign inadvertently approved and broadcast an ad that did not include the required disclosure. That’s understandable. That’s why we chose not to make it a public issue. What doesn’t make sense is talking about small problems on our disclosure form instead of the big problems facing Arkansas. Our campaign would prefer to talk Arkansas solutions, not Washington politics.

Translation: “Really? You want to bring up a couple tiny mistakes? If you want to throw down fisticuffs, fine.  I’ve got Jack Johnson and your own failure to make certain disclosures waiting for ya right here.  I’m kind of a big deal; I have many leather-bound books and my new jobs plan smells of rich mahogany!”

Well played, Mr. Gott.

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