Tuesday, May 28, 2024

AR-Sen, AR-02: You must choose, but choose wisely

According to this article, voters in Faulker County are faced with a tough choice in Arkansas’s partisan primary on May 18 — do they choose to vote in the Republican primary to that they can support Gilbert Baker, or do they choose to vote in the Democratic primary in order to support Robbie Wills?


From a purely political standpoint, I cannot imagine that there is much overlap between Wills’ supporters and Baker’s.  Yet this article seems to imply that, in Faulkner County, supporting the hometown guy trumps something as piddly as voting for a candidate whose own views are nowhere near your own.  If that’s true — and I am going to tell myself that it is not — that is ridiculous.

I’d be very curious to hear from a Faulkner County voter on this question.

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