AR-Sen: Pee On The Fire And Call The Dogs, This Race Is Over


    On the heels of yesterday’s poll showing a tight race between Bill Halter and Blanche Lincoln, Talk Business released a poll of 1,357 voters who plan to vote for a Republican in the May 18 preferential primary.

    46%  John Boozman
    14%  Gilbert Baker
    8%   Jim Holt
    5%   Curtis Coleman
    3%   Randy Alexander
    3%   Kim Hendren
    3%   Conrad Reynolds
    1%   Fred Ramey
    17%  Undecided

    With a margin of error of +/- 3%, the only question left on the GOP side of things is whether Boozman will pull the magical 50% +1 needed to avoid a run-off with Gilbert Baker.

    Perhaps the best news to come out of this poll is that Drew Pritt Jim Holt mustered only 8% of the vote, proving once again that there is a difference between being conservative and being a complete ninny.