Monday, June 24, 2024

AR-01: News and Notes

The Baxter County Democratic Club hosted a debate tonight featuring all six Democrat AR-01 candidates.

Candidates will give opening and closing statements. They will also be answering questions from a moderator about healthcare, the economy, foreign policy, and veterans’ issues. Questions will be submitted by local news media as well as from members of the Democratic Club.

We wonder how spectacular of a performance Terry Green would have to turn in tonight to suddenly be in the mix.  Probably something along the lines of Mary Lou Retton in 1984…if Mary Lou had been performing blindfolded in a minefield.


Slightly late to post this, but Talk Business released poll results for the AR-01 race.

18%  Tim Wooldridge
11%  David Cook
9%  Steve Bryles
9%  Chad Causey
5%  Ben Ponder
1%  Terry Green
47%  Undecided

See this post for a discussion of the math and what the numbers might mean.  As an aside, Ben Ponder’s showing is disappointing at best, Cook’s gives some reason for optimism, and Causey’s is unexpected.

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