Monday, May 27, 2024

AR-02: Elliott Endorsed by LR Fire Fighters

Little Rock Firefighters Association today endorsed Joyce Elliott.

Joyce has been one of the real heroes in state legislature for working families, said [LRFA President Richard] Morehead.  As our Congresswoman, I know Joyce will be a tireless advocate for our fire fighters, first responders and all the workers of Arkansas.

I only mention this because I am curious to what extent endorsements matter in these races.  In the last few days, Marion Berry endorsed Chad Causey (shocker), and ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee endorsed Scott Wallace, to name but a few in the AR-02 race.  Heck, we even have an in-progress list of endorsements here at BHR.  Certainly, candidates like to tout their “look at me!” list of endorsements, but do voters actually care about such things in a political race?

I don’t know, but my gut feeling is that we are such creatures of habit that political endorsements work much like the celebrity endorsements that companies such as Gatorade and Nike have used for so long.  If that is correct, it is both interesting and more than a little depressing.

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