Author: Tom Anderson

Rapert and Friends Have The Unconstitutional Munchies

Robin Lundstrum, Jason Rapert, and Gary Stubblefield

Robin Lundstrum, Jason Rapert, and Gary Stubblefield

As Usual, the Republican controlled legislature has an addiction problem. Filing unconstitutional bills is a major high for them, and they just can’t kick the habit. Unfortunately, they are all surrounded by a large group of enablers who are junkies themselves. Committees keep advancing asinine unconstitutional bills to their respective chambers where legislators approve them like a group of junkies lining up at the methadone clinic, and the governor then signs them, thus restarting their vicious cycle of addiction.…

A Shocking Look Inside a Statewide Republican Campaign

Have you ever questioned the sanity of people who go through contribution reports and analyze what is going on with the money? As I set off on my latest adventure, I questioned my sanity. It turned out to be a short trip though. After uncovering Mark Martin’s lack of attendance and the virtual abandonment of a state vehicle in his parking space, I decided I had to take a look and see who was funding his campaign.…