Author: bigfatdrunk

All Hail Your New Oligarchy Overlords

Accelerated in large part by the truly execrable Citizens United decision, America is quickly sliding into an oligarchy.  Sadly, this is no longer hyperbole: we’ve always known many politicians were nothing more than puppets for the rich, they simply don’t try to disguise this fact anymore.

Exhibit A, your honor, is the (Dis)Honorable Ed Garner (R-Useful Idiot).  …

Republicans, Megalomania, and You

Moments before she inserts her foot

If nothing else, your modern Republican is modest.  Well, modest in the way that Liberace was a modest dresser.  Whether it’s a new-found ability to channel the Founding Fathers in a way that meets your own myopic viewpoint or the knowledge that God, his-own-bad-self, tells you directly to invade a foreign country becauseMUSHROOM CLOUDS!