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5 Questions: L.J. Bryant

1. What do you see as the greatest challenge facing the next Land Commissioner? What specific steps will you take to remedy these issues?

Given this difficult economy, delinquencies will likely rise.  Giving consumers the option to pay delinquent property taxes with a credit card at no cost to the state can help save the public’s property and collect important tax revenue for schools and local governments.

2. Other than the obvious age differences, what are the biggest contrasts you can make between you and the other Democrats in this primary? Why should voters consider you as being the best choice among the three of you?

Philosophically, I see this office as an avenue for progress.  It is not just a job.  I have a job in Jonesboro.  I want to bring new technology and transparency to the office.  We need to integrate the mapped parcels into the Land Commissioner’s website so the public can easily see the parcels.  Lastly, Land Commissioner employees starting with myself will never accept gifts from lobbyists.

3. You were recently endorsed by the Arkansas Realtors Association, despite your opponents touting “nearly 80 years of real estate sales experience;” how did you earn such a sought-after backing?

We were extremely honored by the Realtors’ support.  Most Realtors in Arkansas are used to utilizing relevant technology in their business.  Tools like satellite mapping, social networking, and even something as basic as the internet are all extremely vital in the industry.  The Realtors Association knows me as a person who has a solid working knowledge of just such technology.  I feel our ideas combined with my experience as a business owner and working in the legislature convinced them about our campaign.

4. Who are your political heroes?  Is there anyone you try to emulate?

One of my biggest political heroes is a man named Don Hanan who has served on the Swifton City Council for probably two decades.  Don often says: “I may not be able to solve your problem, but I can listen.”  He is just an average guy who believes in doing the right thing, as cliché as that sounds.

5. Beyond your family and public service, what are you most passionate about?

Many folks in our state are unaware of the role of farm and farm-related industries [in Arkansas].  While I am not actually a farmer, I do own a working farm in Poinsett County.  To go there and put on some gloves, work with my hands, and experience Arkansas’s great outdoors is almost spiritual for me.  I also love being involved in my church, and I love music of all kinds.

Website: L.J. Bryant for Land Commissioner


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