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Freedom at $140 Per Hour: How Daily & Woods Fleeces Taxpayers Through AFOIA

How Daily & Woods' role AFOIA compliance costs Fort Smith taxpayers hundreds of dollars that Arkansans in other cities don't have to pay.

Transparency Should Never Be Optional: An Open Rebuttal To Mike Lorenz

City Director Mike Lorenz tried to explain why he didn't support looking into Daily & Woods' billings. So let's look at some additional instances of overbilling and see if he notices.

Not So Puzzling: A Predictable, Ongoing Failure to Follow the AFOIA

Let's play a game. It works like this: I'll share part of an email that I received earlier today from a reader named Brian, but...

Hit the line! Hit the line! Keep fundraising!

  When last we left Lt. Gov. Mark Darr, we were neck deep in what appeared to be repeated improper uses of campaign funds for...

Tiiiiiiiiiiime is on my side (Yes, it is)

After my last three posts, I did not expect a warm and welcoming response to the FOIA request I sent to Alice Stewart last...

“That’s some catch, that Catch-22,” he observed.

Wednesday night, as I was writing the two posts that went up yesterday, I sort of assumed that the gap between the first post...