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Justin Harris (R-Disingenuous)

I love the word "logomachy," primarily because it sounds cool when you say it, but, also, because it amuses me to think that there's...

Guest Post: Rebutting Carter

As noted here and elsewhere, the House recently adopted a policy banning the use of footage from the House video feed for "any political,...

In Which We Turn Satire Into A Learning Experience

When I wrote the previous post, I assumed it would be obvious satire, not unlike the satirical guest post about the state quarter from...

House Republicans Question Legality of Cinco de Mayo

LITTLE ROCK -- Several freshman GOP members of the Arkansas House of Representatives today voiced questions over the legality of referring to May 5th...

Some House members oppose audio/video policy

Some Arkansas legislative members also have problems with a new House policy on the use of audio and video, although it remains uncertain if...

Questions raised with new Arkansas House video, audio rules

A communications policy adopted by the Arkansas House of Representatives designed to avoid public property being used for commercial gain raises Constitutional...