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Wildin’ Out: Local Gun Store Shows How Systemic Racism Works

I guess Wildman Arms doesn't think privacy or the 2nd Amendment apply to black men.

Collins Sneaks Past Davis, Stumbles Into Elite Eight Despite Himself

Every time it looked like JaNan Davis was about to put him away, Charlie Collins would make a push like he was advancing a gun bill that literally no one but him and his idiot cronies supported.

Morgan Blows Griffin Away In Sweet 16 Win

Griffin's lack of cardio endurance, caused by years in a literal do-nothing job, was also evident early, as he had no answer for Morgan's "30 Rounds of Hell" style of play in Sweet 16 loss.

Our Struggles Continue: Worst Letters to the Democrat-Gazette

  By: A.J. Hanson (North Little Rock) Date: September 29, 2013 I believe the president was 100% correct when he made the statement in his Navy Yard...

/bangs head against wall

Maybe I'm only noticing something that goes on all the time, but it seems as if more and more people are whining about rights...

SCOTUS: Gun Decision Not As Broad As You’ve Probably Been Told

I hope to have more on the decision in the near future, especially Clarence Thomas's surprising Fourteenth Amendment discussion in his concurrence, but I...