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AR-02: Can’t we have one meeting that doesn’t end with us digging up a...

Defying logic and common sense to the bitter end, Robbie Wills continues to claim that he is exempt from taxation on the benefit of...

AR-02: Poll On, Family; Poll On, Crew

By now, pretty much anyone who cares about such things has heard about the Talk Business poll showing Timmy! Griffin leading Joyce Elliot by...

AR-02: Well, At Least She Didn’t Choose Gilbert Baker, I Guess

Joyce Elliott has picked former opponent Robbie Wills to be her Faulkner County chairperson. (h/t Tolbert Report) While the whole thing is a little...

AR-02 In The Blogs: Timmy! v. Elliott Is Must-See TV

Or whatever the political equivalent of "must-see TV" is, according to Suzi Parker's article for Talk Business. The most interesting race in Arkansas may...

AR-02: Wills Embraces Absurdity, Sends Out Second Mailer

Given the overwhelming negative response to Robbie Wills' most recent mailer, you would think that he and his camp would have had the common...

AR Runoff News: I Was Told There Would Be No Math

Preferential Primary Early & Absentee Voting Totals As of June 1, 2010: 10,010 As of June 2, 2010:  23,439 Source.