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Making a Mountain Out of a Non-Existent Molehill

Maybe I shouldn't at this point, but I continue to find it absolutely hilarious how many Republicans on Twitter will lose their collective mind...

I Shot A Man In Chicot, Just To Watch Him Die

Question: When is a constituent not a constituent? Answer:  When he or she is counted as part of a legislative district, despite not technically being...

Movable Object Meets A Stoppable Force

Last night in Faulkner County, Deputy Secretary of State Alice Stewart spoke to a local Tea Party group about the just-completed legislative session and...

Mid-Day Miscellany

"Well, if it was a link-dump, I wouldn't ask questions; I'd just quote a price. But then, a link-dump is a non-lethal object, isn't...

Talk Business: “Fireworks” Likely In Redistricting Debate

With Arkansas's 2010 Census data in, the process of redrawing Arkansas's state and federal congressional districts is soon to begin.  Content partner Roby Brock...