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11/12/13 Gallimaufry

If this blog were a goldfish, it would have died from neglect days ago.  That's poor hustle on my part.  But enough about that...

SD-21: Primary Postmortem

Democrats Baker: $10.88 Rockwell: $37.28 Kidd: $28.00 Roebuck: $31.34 Republicans Cooper: $15.75 Sullivan: $31.75 Niell: $99.26

SD-21: Chad Niell Fined $21K For Doing Business Without License

The Arkansas Securities Department, apparently unpersuaded by the inane and meritless arguments of supporters of Chad Niell, has fined the State Senate candidate $21,000.00...

SD-21: Chad Niell & The Paper(work) Tiger

One of the Republican candidates for the seat vacated by Paul Bookout,  Chad Niell, is the President of Tiger Commissary Services, Inc., d/b/a Tiger Correctional...

Fixing the Campaign-Finance Problems: A High-Tech Proposal

Last Friday, shortly after I filed an ethics complaint against Lt. Gov. Mark Darr, I saw his public comments regarding the entire fiasco.  Suffice...

Mark Darr Has A Problem With His TPS CC&E Reports

Let's start with what this post is not: it is not, in any way, a minimization or excuse for what Sen. Paul Bookout did....