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Ides of March Gallimaufry

When the soothsayer told Julius Caesar to "beware the ides of March," she wasn't talking about him getting stabbed fiftyleven times.  Your...

Mid-Day Miscellany

"Well, if it was a link-dump, I wouldn't ask questions; I'd just quote a price. But then, a link-dump is a non-lethal object, isn't...

End-of-Week Miscellany: Snow Day Linkdump Edition

"Look at the big jerk. He ruined my life, and for what? A STUPID KID! Because of you, I am stuck in this frozen...

End-of-Day Miscellany

Random bits of jetsom and flotsam from the wreckage of the Good Ship HB 1053: Jason Tolbert has video of a post-failure David Meeks discussing...

End of Week Miscellany

"I thought you had the day off yesterday." "I did!  I went in to pick up my check, came home, my supervisor called me about...

End-of-Day Miscellany: DADT Repeal Round-Up Edition

One day after President Obama signed the bill that will ultimately lead to the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," what is being said...