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Adventures in Idiocy: Worst Letter to the Editor, Dec. 8, 2010

Continuing my current favorite feature, let's peek at page 9B of the good ol' Democrat-Gazette and see what we can see. Hmmm...a letter suggesting restricting...

AR-Sen: Pryor Changing Position on DADT

Props (as the kids say) where they are due: Sen. Mark Pryor has changed his position and is now willing to vote for the...

AR-Sen: Pryor “Leaning Toward” Running For Re-Election

In case any of you were lying awake at night, pondering the future of Mark Pryor. Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor says he's leaning toward seeking...

AR-02: Debunking The Debunking Of Allegations Against Griffin

I don't know that I've ever mentioned it here, but Jason Tolbert is the one Arkansas conservative/Republican from any form of media that I...

AR Sec. State: Intelligent Design And Unintelligent Legislation

When Robbie Wills launched his attack against Joyce Elliott's voting record in the days leading up the runoff, I wrote a post explaining why...

AR-Sen: Lincoln Chooses Big Oil Over Environment, Pryor Obediently Follows

While I was out-of-pocket last week, Senate Joint Resolution 26 went down to defeat in the Senate by a score of 53 to 47. ...