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Adventures in Idiocy: Worst Letter to the Editor, Dec. 8, 2010

Continuing my current favorite feature, let’s peek at page 9B of the good ol’ Democrat-Gazette and see what we can see.

Hmmm…a letter suggesting restricting the number of children a woman on welfare can have, a letter that raves about the difference between socialism (the letter writers’ go-to canard) and “Americanism,” an old person complaining about how President Obama is spending us into a Depression and stealing Social Security money from old people.

All of those have promise, and any other day I probably would have gone with the socialism one, but today’s “winner” is Tom Chipman from Little Rock.

Cease Overspending

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I bet you are going to mention the stimulus, aren’t you? Or Obamacare? Or — dare I dream? — both?!

There are those who have been critical of Sen. Mark Pryor’s votes. It is true that he has voted with those who have given us Obamacare and the stimulus; that [sic] has added trillions to our national debt, which has now reached $14 trillion.

You DID mention both! Awesome.

A couple of problems, however, Tom. First, the people who are critical of Mark Pryor’s votes are almost entirely critical of them because he’s allegedly a Democrat, yet he votes like a Republican far too often for our tastes, not because he voted for two of the most important measures passed in recent years.

Second, health care reform ($940B over ten years, estimated) and the stimulus ($814B revised CBO total) totalled $1.758T, so your claim of “trillions” is hyperbolic at best, and that’s before we account for (a) half of the stimulus being in the form of tax cuts and (b) the stimulus being necessary and, despite what you’ve heard on Fox News, successful. (Also, “trillionS” is technically incorrect, as, to be plural, it would require at least two trillion, but let’s not quibble over semantics.)

That’s an insignificant amount for a prosperous country like ours.

Wait…what? “Insignificant?” I assume that’s either a typo or a really, really bad attempt at ironic humor. Otherwise, what are you complaining about?

For example, place $4 trillion 100-dollar bills on top of each other and it will reach a height of 949 miles.

It will also total $400T (4*100), which is 28.6 times greater than the $14T you are talking about and is therefore absolutely irrelevant to whatever point you are trying to make here.

(The space station is 250 miles above the Earth.)

Actually, the ISS is in low-earth orbit at a distance varying between 319.6km and 346.9km.  As I am betting you are not real big on the metric system, that’s 199 to 216 miles. But, hey, don’t let facts or research get in the way of your screed.

Continue voting as you have, senator, and you may depend on my vote when you come up for re-election. You may depend on my vote, that is, to help make it possible for you to go fishing every day with Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

AWWWW, SNAP! I see what you did there!  You totally nailed him, man!  I cannot imagine how Sen. Pryor will ever recover from such a vicious bait-and-switch.

The [P]resident and the Congress simply do not get it.

Not like Tom Chipman of Little Rock!

Year after year, you do not spend trillions of dollars more than you take in. Is it a deliberate attempt to destroy our republic[,] or do they need to hire “The Beverly Hillbillies’” Jethro Bodine to cipher for them?

This from the guy who thought 4*100 equaled 14?

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