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Michael John Gray Continues to Mislead in Response to Allegations

Yesterday, local media started to pick up the allegations about Michael John Gray, the Democratic Party of Arkansas, and Karyn Bradford-Coleman that...

Mark Martin and the Illusion of Being at Work

Either Mark Martin has found a way to bend the space-time continuum or he is pretending to be at the Capitol, rather than actually being there.

Leslie Rutledge’s Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book: Voter Fraud or Fickle Immaturity?

The Leslie Rutledge voter-registration story is only about Larry Crane if you are trying to avoid addressing the possible felony charge for Rutledge.

Swindlers’ Taxonomy: Mark Martin is Twice the Homesteader You Are

Could the Arkansas Secretary of State really have taken double homestead tax credits for the last 6+ years? Yup. Mark Martin loves him some "free" money.

No Way Around It: Mark Darr Is A Liar

If you are the type of person who follows such things -- or if you have even the most tangential social-media relationship with me...

An Un-Conservative Truth

"Tort reform" is nothing more than a lie, perpetuated by lobbyists and assholes (redundant, I know), and designed to hurt regular people.