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Justin Harris (R-Disingenuous)

I love the word "logomachy," primarily because it sounds cool when you say it, but, also, because it amuses me to think that there's...

In Which We Turn Satire Into A Learning Experience

When I wrote the previous post, I assumed it would be obvious satire, not unlike the satirical guest post about the state quarter from...

House Republicans Question Legality of Cinco de Mayo

LITTLE ROCK -- Several freshman GOP members of the Arkansas House of Representatives today voiced questions over the legality of referring to May 5th...

Rep. Harris On Being Admirable, Steadfast, and Genuine

I was glad that Jeff wrote the piece earlier today about how President Obama deserved credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden for...

ABC, As Easy As 1-2-3 (Or 90% of $900K)

When I wrote the first post about Rep. Justin Harris and his daycare, Growing God's Kingdom ("GGK"), I purposefully kept the post focused entirely...

AR-House Dist. 87: Harris Against Gov’t Spending … Unless It Comes To Him?

It must be something about District 87.  Whether Mark Martin or recently elected Representative Justin Harris, the holder of that seat seems drawn to...