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Sen. Joyce Elliott’s Brilliant Response to Leslie Rutledge’s Racist Email

Sen. Elliott explains exactly what the issue is with Leslie Rutledge's sharing of a racist email.

#ARPostMortem: Marginalized

A quick lunchtime peek around the margins of defeat (or victory, depending on your perspective) in the federal races and AR-Gov.  All numbers are...

#ARElections: AR-02 Called For Timmy! Griffin

File under "Not Shocking, Still Disheartening." Update: Funny story from my poll today.  I was walking up the sidewalk toward the precinct when a Griffin...

#ARElections: Federal Congressional Races Update (9:45 p.m.)

Rick Crawford leads Chad Causey by 8% with Ken Adler (G) pulling 4%. Tim Griffin leads Joyce Elliott by 20% with Lance Levi (I) and...

#ARElections: 8pm updates on AR-01 through AR-04

Per Arkansas Matters, and with miles left to go before we sleep, Causey, Griffin, and Rankin lead.  No returns yet in AR-03.

#ARElections: Live Updates

My plan is to begin updating statewide and AR federal races (as well as some state house/senate races as time allows) as soon as...