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AR-Lt. Gov: Someone Want To Tell Darr What A Lt. Gov. Does?

Mark Darr has graced us with a new television ad. The good news? He's not a career politician! The bad news? ...

Arkansas Election Line: Constitutional Officers

Back in June, after the primary and run-off elections (or partisan primary and general primary, if you want be specific about such things), the...

We’re Getting The Band Back Together!

Beth Anne Rankin's recent foray into the world of lyrics and digital synthesizers gave me an idea for a post. Namely, if all...

RWC: The Missing Ingredient?

John Brummett discusses how the current political climate looks good for GOP chances in November. President Obama’s approval rating plummets. Republicans drub Democrats by...

AR-Land Comm: [Addendum] One Other Thought

Grab your tinfoil hats and ponder the following email I just received: Maybe a Republican is behind the site. They created it when they thought...