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AR-02: Boling Endorses Elliott

When I caught wind that David Boling would be endorsing Joyce Elliott on the Capitol steps today at 3:30, I realized that I would...

Thoughts From Last Night

Three watch parties, about 100 shaken hands, one photo with Lt. Gov. Halter, and some 12:30am chocolate chip cookies later, here we are.  If...

AR-Sen, et al.: Final Arkansas Election Line ratings

Via Talk Business, here are the final Arkansas Election Line ratings: For the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress and statewide constitutional offices, here are our final...

AR-Sen: Senate Dems Intentionally Delay Lincoln’s Proposed Reforms

Remember way back before things got ugly, when Blanche Lincoln ran this ad: "I don't answer to my party; I answer to Arkansas." Interesting. You...

AR-02: Let’s See If This Works

The Arkansas Times tried to have a live feed of tonight's AR-02 Democratic debate, but was unable to due to technical difficulties.  Thankfully, the...