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The Bombing Buffoon of Bigelow, Arkansas

Sen. Jason Rapert (R-Bigelow) is the Arkansas version of a conservative Renaissance man.  Depending on the day, he may show up as a fiddle playerHis...

Jason Rapert Fiddles With Campaign-Finance Violations

When is a fundraiser not a fundraiser? When it comes time for Jason Rapert to report it on his 10-day pre-election campaign-finance report.

Jason Rapert “Not Motivated” To Help District If Someone Doesn’t Support Him

Sen. Jason Rapert is terrible. Getting worked up because someone in Conway doesn't support him is just another example.

Whatever, Ethics! Jason Rapert Does What He Wants!

You know that clear rule about campaigns not being allowed to donate directly to another campaign unless it's for a "ticketed event" or some other shady loophole? Yeah...Jason Rapert doesn't care about such things. He donates how he wants to donate, because 'Merica! Freedom! Librul bias!

Friday Gallimaufry

Odds and ends to end an odd week. Maybe "Natural State Compact"?  You might have heard about a dispute between Arkansas State University and the...

Maybe Jason Rapert Needs Some (IRS) Probing Of His Own

Imagine that you are a proselytizing, woman hating, obliquely racist, Bob Wills-wannabe of a state Senator.  In your prior campaign, you used a P.O. Box...