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Jason Rapert Fiddles With Campaign-Finance Violations

When is a fundraiser not a fundraiser? When it comes time for Jason Rapert to report it on his 10-day pre-election campaign-finance report.

The FEC-kless Doug Matayo

So, the Secretary of State's Office's official explanation for the car stuff is, basically, that there are rules in place, and everyone, including Mark...

BHR Op-Ed: LJ Bryant Discusses Winning In 2012 And Beyond

First let me thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and for your support with three races in 2010. Even if you...

Arkansas Election Line: Final 2010 Ratings

The Arkansas Election Line — a collaboration of Talk Business, The Tolbert Report, and Blue Hog Report — returns with our final ratings...


Republican candidate for State House of Representatives--District 47, Stephen Meeks, posted the following update on Facebook about an hour ago: An update: As we get...

AR-Land Comm: Thurston Gets It

Credit where it's due: as promised by his campaign earlier today, John Thurston replied to my email. I just spoke with the Ethics Commission. ...