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Reality Check: Adventures In Political Fiction

About that "Obama's Approval Has Plummeted" lie. Has his approval rating gone down slightly? Yeah. But, unless your meaning of "plummet"...

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

Here's the stuff we didn't get to today (or yesterday, as the case may be): Blue Arkansas says supporting the DREAM Act and painting Timmy!...

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

According to the Kubler-Ross model, there are five discrete stages people go through when dealing with grief or tragedy: denial ("No...no...this isn't happening! Lalalalalala,...

AR-Sen: Battle Of (Nit-)Wits

Max has Blanche Lincoln and John Boozman's not-at-all-asinine opinions on the Ground Zero Lower Manhattan Mosque Islamic Cultural Center: Lincoln: Out of respect for the...

I Guess Glenn Beck Hasn’t Written This On His Chalkboard Yet

Overheard this morning at Starbucks: I mean, Obama got into office and immediately started bailing out the banks. This is the second time in a week...

AR-02: Debunking The Debunking Of Allegations Against Griffin

I don't know that I've ever mentioned it here, but Jason Tolbert is the one Arkansas conservative/Republican from any form of media that I...