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Why is Fort Smith resident James Kusurtin Jr. still on the Pope County Quorum...

JP James Kusurtin Jr. moved to Fort Smith, but no one in Pope County government seems willing to do anything about it.

Year In Review: Postscripts to Five BHR Stories from 2014

A look at the "then what?" of five BHR stories from 2014.

Freedom at $140 Per Hour: How Daily & Woods Fleeces Taxpayers Through AFOIA

How Daily & Woods' role AFOIA compliance costs Fort Smith taxpayers hundreds of dollars that Arkansans in other cities don't have to pay.

News & Notes From Fort Smith

What's going on in Fort Smith on the taxpayer dime? Middling legal work and cop sex, mainly.

Transparency Should Never Be Optional: An Open Rebuttal To Mike Lorenz

City Director Mike Lorenz tried to explain why he didn't support looking into Daily & Woods' billings. So let's look at some additional instances of overbilling and see if he notices.

On Bills, Both Phone & Block: A Response to Jerry Lee Canfield

Daily & Woods reviewed Daily & Woods records and (shockingly) confirmed that there was nothing wrong. As long as you don't pay attention to how phones work, at least.