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Ethics Commission To Investigate Leslie Rutledge for PAC Contribution

The Ethics Commission will investigate whether Leslie Rutledge violated the law by accepting a contribution from an unapproved PAC.

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Leslie Rutledge for Illegal Campaign Contribution from Organization She Chairs

Republican Attorneys General Association Arkansas PAC gave Leslie Rutledge, who chairs RAGA, $2700. There was just one problem with that.

Ethics Commission Opens Official Investigation Into Dennis Milligan

Ethics Commission's twenty-four-page letter details numerous possible violations that are being investigated.

Leslie Rutledge Faces Probable-Cause Hearing at Ethics Commission on Friday

If you had been checking my mail last week, that would have been really strange and questionable behavior on your part. However, you would...

Jason Rapert Fiddles With Campaign-Finance Violations

When is a fundraiser not a fundraiser? When it comes time for Jason Rapert to report it on his 10-day pre-election campaign-finance report.

Ethics Commission Opens Investigation Into Leslie Rutledge

Leslie Rutledge said her coordination with an outside group was legal. The Ethics Commission apparently does not think the answer is so clear-cut.