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More On Dexter Suggs’ Academic Dishonesty

Dexter Suggs's dissertation is not exactly what you would call "academically honest." Not even close. Good thing he's not in charge of any public schools. Oh...wait.

About that Doctorate: Dexter Suggs, Plagiarist

Let's not sugarcoat it: Dr. Dexter Suggs plagiarized portions of his doctorate degree.

Ignorance or Arrogance: Why are Dexter Suggs, LRSD Violating the FOIA?

Why would the LRSD refuse to comply with a proper FOIA request? None of the possible answers is comforting.

The Troubling, Tangled Relationship Between the LRSD & Stacy Hurst’s Campaign

This past Monday, October 13, I attended the Little Rock School District Town Hall at Forest Park Elementary. Ostensibly, the meeting was about letting...

Stacy Wurst: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

Some irony, plus how Stacy Hurst and some of her friends tried to use the LRSD to attack Clarke Tucker