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Former Hutchinson Employee Demonstrates Exactly Why Women’s March Was Needed

Why was the Women's March important? Let a couple of Republican jackwagons explain!

When Push Comes To Shove, Milligan & Rutledge Quick To Lie

When pressed on their trip to Iowa for Huckabee, the AG and Treasurer said they'd taken leave. This was a lie. Let's discuss.

Krispy Kreme Unveils New Flavor: Hubris & Misdemeanors

Dennis Milligan can't stop breaking the law. Now Leslie Rutledge is joining in. All for the love of Huck.

Ethics Commission To Hold Probable Cause Hearing On Dennis Milligan

The Arkansas Ethics Commission found the safe-harbor provision of the ethics laws applicable to only a small handful of the allegations, and a hearing will be held on the remaining claims.

Just Park Anywhere: Or, How Dennis Milligan Continues to Bring “Integrity” back to Treasurer’s...

Being elected Treasurer apparently means the rules of the road don't apply to Dennis Milligan.

Ethics Commission Opens Official Investigation Into Dennis Milligan

Ethics Commission's twenty-four-page letter details numerous possible violations that are being investigated.