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AR-01: Causey, Crawford Tape Debate

AR-01 candidates Chad Causey (D), Rick Crawford (R), and Ken Adler (G) taped a debate today that will air tonight at 6:30 on AETN....

AR-02: New Motto For The Dem-Gaz Opinion Page — “Like Fox News, Only With...

I finally got around to reading the pro-Timmy! Griffin op-ed that appeared in the "Democrat"-Gazette a few days ago.  Even by that paper's standards,...

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

According to the Kubler-Ross model, there are five discrete stages people go through when dealing with grief or tragedy: denial ("No...no...this isn't happening! Lalalalalala,...

AR-Land Comm: [Breaking] Bryant Behind greedymontydavenport.com ?

That certainly looks to be the case. Back when we first mentioned greedymontydavenport.com, I wrote: While I am reasonably sure that this fellow (?) isn’t really...

AR-Sen: [Breaking] Halter Agrees to June 3rd Debate

The Bill Halter campaign released word this afternoon that Halter has agreed to participate in a debate next Thursday, June 3, that would be...

AR-Sen: New Halter Ad Asks One Question

BHR's thoughts on today's debate (starring D.C. Morrison as the wise-cracking sidekick) are forthcoming.