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#ARElections: 8pm updates on AR-01 through AR-04

Per Arkansas Matters, and with miles left to go before we sleep, Causey, Griffin, and Rankin lead.  No returns yet in AR-03.

Arkansas Election Line: Auditory Prognosticatin’

Have you been thinking, "gee, I wish there was a way I could hear even more opinions from Matt?" No? Well, regardless, here's your chance: a...

AR-01: I’ma Not Huntin’ Wabbit

According to Jason Tolbert, the NRA wants AR-01 candidate Chad Causey to remove the NRA's logo from his most recent commercial. The NRA, per Tolbert,...

Arkansas Election Line: Final 2010 Ratings

The Arkansas Election Line — a collaboration of Talk Business, The Tolbert Report, and Blue Hog Report — returns with our final ratings...

AR-01: Clinton Stumps For Causey

Images from Bill Clinton's appearance on behalf of Chad Causey for Congress.  Estimates I heard from two people put the crowd at roughly 500...

AR-01: Causey, Crawford Tape Debate

AR-01 candidates Chad Causey (D), Rick Crawford (R), and Ken Adler (G) taped a debate today that will air tonight at 6:30 on AETN....