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Questions raised with new Arkansas House video, audio rules

A communications policy adopted by the Arkansas House of Representatives designed to avoid public property being used for commercial gain raises Constitutional...

BHR Op-Ed: LJ Bryant Discusses Winning In 2012 And Beyond

First let me thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and for your support with three races in 2010. Even if you...

Fred Smith A Slam Dunk In House Seating Vote

Content partner Jason Tolbert has done a great job of following the Fred Smith story via various news outlets.  First, there was the story...

AR-Sec. State: Martin Disputes Ad Buys

I was perusing content partner Roby Brock's post about the post-election debts, donations, and disparities in certain constitutional office races, when I noticed this...

AR-Sec. State: Umm…yeah.

Facebook apparently doesn't take certain things into account when deciding who to suggest to you.  For example, they don't seem to figure in whether...

AR-Gov: Putting Beebe’s Win In Context

Sitting here, just over two weeks after the general election, I am still somewhat amazed by Governor Mike Beebe's performance at the polls.  Check...