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The Rent Is La Tour Damn High!: About John La Tour’s Shady Campaign Office...

In the previous post about HD-96 candidate and body-armor aficionado John La Tour (R-Fayetteville), I wrote that "s of the end of...

Cross County Sheriff David West Has No Use For The Law

Why did Sheriff David West think it was ok to accept contributions from businesses? Whatever the reason, he has basically admitted to multiple criminal acts.

More About Those DPA Reports…

As previously mentioned in Matt's article last Tuesday, there have been some serious issues with DPA’s reporting...

Infidelity, Incompetence, & Inaccuracy: Leadership Failures at the Democratic Party of Arkansas

A complete lack of leadership and an inability to do even basic quarterly reporting correctly are hurting the Democratic Party of Arkansas.

What Even Are Rules? Two More Problems with JaNan Arnold Davis’s CC&E Reports

On second look, there are even more problems with JaNan Arnold Davis's campaign-finance reports.

When Finally Filing CC&E Reports Makes Matters Worse: The JaNan Arnold Davis Story

For months, JaNan Arnold Davis didn't file campaign-finance reports. When she finally did, it caused even more problems.