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AR-Sen: Brummett Makes The One Strong Case For Lincoln

I am not what you would call a big fan of Blanche Lincoln.  (The cool kids call that "understatement.") Other than the fact that...

(Partially) Off-Topic: Shameless Self-Promotion Redux

In which I gratuitously use Anchorman quotes to distract from the navel-gazing nature of this post... "I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and...

AR-Sen: Steve Patterson Spins Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round

May 2010: Mason-Dixon has Blanche Lincoln down 17 points. September 2010: Mason-Dixon has Blanche Lincoln down 17 points. How to handle this non-movement?  Pretend like it...

We’re Getting The Band Back Together!

Beth Anne Rankin's recent foray into the world of lyrics and digital synthesizers gave me an idea for a post. Namely, if all...

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

You, Flock of Seagulls ... you know why we're here? Why don't you tell my man, Vincent, which links we didn't get to today? Max...

AR-Sen: Oops.

I’ve made no secret of being less-than-impressed by Blanche Lincoln’s commercials, but I do have to give her a modicum of credit today. After...