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AR-Sen [Follow-up]: If Not Mitchell Berry, Then Who?

Yesterday, I mentioned (and Blue Arkansas detailed more fully) an attack ad against Bill Halter that was created by a group headed by Marion...

AR-Sen: Weird Gets A Little Weirder

First, there was the news that Marion Berry's son, Mitchell Berry, was behind a group called Arkansas For Common Sense, which recently launched an...

AR-Sen: Lincoln Continues To Make Bizarre Campaign Decisions

So, let me get this straight... Blanche Lincoln was comfortably ahead by double digits about a month ago.  Rather than run ads promoting herself and...

AR-Sen: Map Favors Boozman in GOP Primary

Jason Tolbert explains why geography and demographics make John Boozman the heavy favorite for the GOP nomination in the AR-Sen race.  Basically, it comes...

AR-Sen: In The Blogs

Blue Arkansas blog offers a rundown of the most recent Rasmussen polling numbers for Blanche Lincoln's seat. UPDATE: Not surprisingly, Faith and Freedom Coalition is...

AR-Sen: Halter Raises More Than $2M in 31 Days

Following last night's deadline for first-quarter financial reporting, Carol Butler, campaign manager for Bill Halter, said that the candidate had raised over $2M since...