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Not Surprising: Microsoft Execs Disagree With Bart Hester

Bart Hester thinks humanities and liberal-arts majors aren't worth recruiting. Some people who know much more than him disagree.

Hester and Dotson Perfect “Pandering Circlejerk Disguised as Legislation” Maneuver

The Arkansas Legislature decided that no business that boycotts Israel can contract with Arkansas. Thank goodness THAT crisis was averted.

More Unconstitutional Fun with the 90th General Assembly

Bart Hester is running yet another unconstitutional bill, this time to protect nursing home owners from being embarrassed.

When All You Have Is A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Constitutional Nail

Pro-tip: When explaining why a bill is constitutional, make sure your entire premise isn't incorrect.

Too Clever By Half: The Fatal Flaw That Will Doom Bart Hester’s Pro-Discrimination Bill...

Bart Hester is trying to be clever in his attempt to let people discriminate against gays. Here is why it will not work.