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Jake Files’ Proposed Legislation to Punish False Claims, Because Of Course He Did


Jake Files sponsored legislation to punish "false claims" against the state or local government. In 2017. No, seriously.

Jason Rapert is Angry…at Public Information, Apparently

Jason Rapert didn't like the previous post. Here's our discussion about it.

Rapert Attacks Twitter User After Blocking Him, So Let’s Contact Rapert to Discuss

All the best ways to get in touch with Jason Rapert and discuss his Twitter posts.

Dennis Milligan With (Yet A Third) Illegal Hire

Arkansas Treasurer Dennis Milligan is really having trouble with state laws about hiring.

Sen. Strangelogic, or: How Jason Rapert Learned to Stop Thinking and Love his Ignorance

Jason Rapert's response to the recent backlash suggests that he doesn't understand a few very important things.

SD-21: Primary Postmortem

Democrats Baker: $10.88 Rockwell: $37.28 Kidd: $28.00 Roebuck: $31.34 Republicans Cooper: $15.75 Sullivan: $31.75 Niell: $99.26