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Trent Garner is a Very Brave, Nice Guy, and I Like Him*

Trent Garner got his feewings hurt by being called a few names on Twitter, so he complained. Apparently, Twitter thinks he has a disability or disease? Other than rampant Republicanism, I mean.

Fixing the Campaign-Finance Problems: A High-Tech Proposal

Last Friday, shortly after I filed an ethics complaint against Lt. Gov. Mark Darr, I saw his public comments regarding the entire fiasco.  Suffice...

Whatever, Ethics! Jason Rapert Does What He Wants!

You know that clear rule about campaigns not being allowed to donate directly to another campaign unless it's for a "ticketed event" or some other shady loophole? Yeah...Jason Rapert doesn't care about such things. He donates how he wants to donate, because 'Merica! Freedom! Librul bias!

Timex Social Club

Some rampant speculation and rumormongering for a post-holiday Friday afternoon. Who is (and might be) running for certain offices in 2014?

AR-Sen: Lincoln Misses DADT Vote

Pop quiz: why did Blanche Lincoln miss today's vote for cloture on the filibuster that is holding up, among other things, the repeal of...

Adventures in Idiocy: Worst Letter to the Editor, Dec. 8, 2010

Continuing my current favorite feature, let's peek at page 9B of the good ol' Democrat-Gazette and see what we can see. Hmmm...a letter suggesting restricting...