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Leslie Rutledge’s “Distrust” of DHS File (Or, Perhaps More Accurately, “If Ignorance Is Bliss,...

On more than one occasion, including during the AETN Attorney General debate, Republican candidate Leslie Rutledge has stated that the reason she has refused...

Freedom at $140 Per Hour: How Daily & Woods Fleeces Taxpayers Through AFOIA

How Daily & Woods' role AFOIA compliance costs Fort Smith taxpayers hundreds of dollars that Arkansans in other cities don't have to pay.

Not So Puzzling: A Predictable, Ongoing Failure to Follow the AFOIA

Let's play a game. It works like this: I'll share part of an email that I received earlier today from a reader named Brian, but...

A Funny Thing About Mark Martin’s Hiring Of Outside Counsel….

There are any number of reasons that a person might find himself in a lawsuit against the Arkansas Secretary of State. Maybe he wants to...