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Mathematics, Little Rock Government, and the AFOIA

I thought Carpenters were supposed to be good at math. Measure twice, cut once, and all that. No? Ok.

City Attorney Says LRPD Can Only Charge 58 Cents Per CD

LRPD might want to charge you $3 per CD, but the City Attorney admits that 58 cents is the maximum they can actually charge per disc.

Little Rock Police Department is Just Begging for More AFOIA Suits

Having solved all problems within their department, the LRPD now turns to a pressing matter: violating the AFOIA with a new AFOIA policy.

Transparency Is So 2015; Or “It’s Not You, It’s The Chamber of Commerce”


Thanks to the 2017 General Assembly, you have much less ability to know how the Chamber of Commerce spends your tax dollars.

The Struggle is Real: Leslie Rutledge Misses On Another FOIA Opinion

Leslie Rutledge ignores proper statutory construction, errs in another FOIA-related AG opinion.

Ignorance or Arrogance: Why are Dexter Suggs, LRSD Violating the FOIA?

Why would the LRSD refuse to comply with a proper FOIA request? None of the possible answers is comforting.