Tuesday, May 28, 2024

More than Words: Another Exchange with Stanley

Yesterday was┬áinteresting. Following the first post about Sen. Jason Rapert (R-374 Breezewood Rd., Bigelow, AR 72016), he attempted to call me1, got no answer, and then emailed me, leading to a second post. I figured that would be the end of it, because–surely!–even StanJay was not so ridiculous as to continue an argument over email when his initial threats accomplished nothing.

Thing is, I should’ve known better. No one should ever underestimate Rapert’s willingness to continue arguing long after he should know better.

To wit (again, footnotes are all mine):


I have minor children and a wife. Your actions are endangering them due to other circumstances you are unaware of.3 You are jeopardizing our safety sir.

I have asked you to consider this.4  I had hoped that you would sense the urgency of this request and respond in a decent manner.5

Fight me on political issues all you want6 – but when you disregard the safety of my family carelessly you have crossed the line.7

Sen. Jason Rapert
Arkansas Senate
District 35

Oh, yeah…that’s the good stuff. That’s the kind of completely baseless self-righteous indignation that is Rapert’s true medium. To recap: Because I Googled “Stanley Jason Rapert voter registration,” then posted what was contained in the very first result, I have crossed a line, stooped to new lows, endangered him and his family, and (QUITE POSSIBLY) run afoul of several state and federal laws (at least based on his one week of law-school experience)!

How to respond to such a missive? I mean, I feel like we’ve reached a point where the back and forth of the written word is pointless. So I opted for a different kind of response, sending the following (and nothing else):

Hopefully, this assortment of funny GIFs brightened ol’ Snowflake Stanley’s day just a little bit. It was the least I could do for him, given how he entertained so many of us yesterday.

  1. Note: I didn’t throw a fit when he managed to locate MY cellphone number.

  2. Stanley

  3. Again, I reposted information that was already on other websites; your sense of self-importance is rivaled only by your utter cluelessnes.

  4. And I have declined.

  5. I thought pointing out all of the ways in which you were wrong and your email was absurd was decent of me; think of it as a learning opportunity.

  6. Your “political issues” have been fought, and your side has lost thanks to federal judges who see through your bullshit. I’ve moved on. You should, too.

  7. Apparently, it’s “careless” to use Google and repeat what you find.

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