Saturday, April 13, 2024

Jason Rapert Likes Bigotry and Murder

You would think that having your own social-media activities used to point out your ignorance or to call you out for hateful comments would eventually wear on a person.  After all, most people would realize that consistently getting mocked and derided for what you write and post online is likely a sign that you are not good at things like “the internet” and “not being an insane demagogue.”

Stanley Jason Rapert, however, is not like most people:


Rapert Muslim 1



You see, in Rapert’s book, deporting Muslims is how a real leader shows that he cares about his people.  I mean, sure, Qpolitical is the kind of site that routinely posts anti-Muslim articles and writes headlines like “The End Has Arrived: Obama Just Threatened to Attack Israel,” but I’m sure Sen. Rapert thoroughly vetted the article and did not merely post it because it let him combine his intolerance of Muslims and his hatred of President Obama.[foot]That’s sarcasm.[/foot]

Just the same, I bet you can guess the kind comments that this posting drew.  I’ll take “Someone Suggests Killing Muslims” for $1000, Alex.


Rapert Muslim 2


Oh, hey, looky there!  Mark Cossey thinks[foot]I could not use that term more loosely.[/foot] a “properly placed Tomahawk about mid deck on that boat would do the world a favor.”  Even ignoring the obvious recruitment boost such a move would give to radicals and terror groups around the world, this statement is still nuttier than squirrel turds.  Murdering 824 people, plus however many crew were on board, would “do the world a favor”?  Seriously?

Here’s the thing: this was posted less less than two weeks after the “nuke ISIS” round of Raperterian brilliance, during which Rapert vehemently denied that he would ever support the indiscriminate killing of innocent people.  So, you might guess that the senator roundly denounced this comment.  To which I would say, “hahahahahahahahahahaha, no!”

Still, we know Sen. Rapert is all about intellectual honesty and logical consistency.  So, at the very least, we can assume that he wouldn’t do something as absurd as liking the comment, right?


Rapert Muslim 3


Oh. Uh, maybe he thought the comment was referring to small hatchet-like artifacts rather than cruise missiles? Or…




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