Thursday, May 23, 2024

Well, just a second there, Professor. We *fixed* the *glitch*.

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families released a statement yesterday regarding HB 1056, filed by Uvalde Lindsey (D-88, Fayetteville) and joined by over 40 additional Representatives and Senators, which would provide an exemption from income taxes for poor single parents.

The measure essentially closes a hole left in the 2007 tax relief bill that neglected to include cost-of-living adjustments when calculating the income cutoffs for heads-of-households and qualifying widows/widowers.

Says AACF Executive Director Rich Huddleston,

This is the only tax-cut bill that provides targeted relief for low-income, working families. Unless we fix this mistake, Arkansas will continue to levy one of the highest state income tax burdens on single-parent families living below the poverty line. This isn’t the kind of policy that ensures economic security for all Arkansans.

We understand that the state budget is tight and critical education, health and safety services need every dollar we can find to protect our investments children and families.  Any tax cut passed this year should be limited and targeted to low-income taxpayers who need relief the most. This is the only bill that completely meets that standard.

The bill is projected to extend tax relief to roughly 50,000 low-income Arkansans.  It passed the House 93-0 last month, and it goes before the Senate Revenue & Taxation Committee tomorrow.

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