Monday, May 27, 2024

AR-House Dist. 47: Meeks Qua Consultant?

I was poking around on the Secretary of State’s website today (because that’s the kind of nerd I am, I suppose), when I happened upon this:

Filing # 800192191
Filing Type Limited Liability Company
Filed under Act Domestic LLC; 1003 of 1993
Status Good Standing
Principal Address
Agent Address 552 HWY 225 E, GREENBRIER, AR 72058
Date Filed 01/19/2011
Officers STEPHEN MEEKS, Incorporator/Organizer

You see, Stephen Meeks — whose resume consists entirely of (1) military service, (2) an associate’s degree in telecommunications engineering from a community college in Florida, (3) teaching 3rd and 4th grade at a Christian elementary school, and (4) winning a race for the state legislature solely because he lucked into the one year where being a Republican was more important than having any discernable talent or intellect — is now a political consultant.  Throw in how Meeks was barely able to raise any cash for his race, and I can only imagine that the would-be politicians are beating down his door for some consulting advice.

On a more cynical note, anyone want to place any bets as to whether “Stellar Political Consulting, LLC” just happens to bill Rep. Stephen Meeks for reimbursements under Ark. Code Ann. § 10-2-212 (c)?  He would not be the first legislator to do so, nor is he likely to be the last.

Or, considering the reimbursement statute allows that “the maximum amount of reimbursement for legislative expenses incurred by member of the General Assembly shall be, at the option of each member, either … $5,820 per year, … $6,540 per year, or … $14,400 per year,” anyone care to bet whether Meeks chooses the largest amount despite the fact that his business is based out of his home?

My guess is that both things happen, which should certainly make one wonder just how strongly Meeks actually believes that the government needs to cut spending.

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